Monday, January 27, 2020

About Us

The BPN Media Group, owners of, is a news organization dedicated to bringing readers real-time access to reliable daily news and information that clearly shows Bible prophecy as it unfolds around the world.


Our mission is simple: We are committed to helping people understand the truth of God’s word, as found in the Bible. Moreover, its relevance to people’s lives through Bible prophecy as it unfolds daily all over the world. This mission is rooted in the belief that by understanding the Bible and our world through Bible prophecy, it will lead people to the realization that God is real, that Jesus is His Son, and that a person can be saved and have a personal relationship with the Creator through Jesus Christ.


At the BPN Media Group, our mission and values guide the work we do every day. We are committed to providing news and information from a wide variety of resources that will allow the reader to see for themselves that current world events are unfolding, as mapped out and foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago, through Bible prophecy.


The trust of our readers is essential. Without it, there is no basis to believe that we are offering up news and information that is credible. Every day, through our judgment and actions, we strive to maintain the highest journalist standards to maintain this trust.


Our world is a planet filled with diversity. We strive to treat the subjects we cover and the readers who rely on us as a credible source of news and resource of information with the utmost of empathy, understanding, and respect.


We aim to set the standard in every aspect of our business. Pursuing excellence is done in many ways. In the context of our mission, we endeavor to deliver the very best to our readership every day.

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